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What does MatchedBox do?

Keep track of where your money is with matched betting can be a right pain, well that's what I've found using a combination of spreadsheets and odd bits of paper. It just doesn't really work.

That's all a thing of the past with the matched betting profit tracking tool I've developed. One single secure place online where you can track all of your matched betting profits.

Ever get confused with which offers and bookmakers you have used? Especially if you take a few weeks break you can get lost with actually what offers you have already completed.

Well, not any more, keeping on top of your bookmakers offers has just got easy with bookmaker tracking!

Fiddling around with a calculator or using a spreadsheet is a thing of the past!

I've built in a profit calculation system so it automatically works out the numbers... and most importantly how much profit you've made!

Want to just see how much you've earnt over your lifetime of matched betting?

You can easily view your lifetime earnings from your MatchedBox tracker! Nice!

How does MatchedBox work?

MatchedBox is a simple and easy to use tool to aid your matched betting. It's ideal to be used in conjunction with matched betting software, I recommend using OddsMonkey.

It's a single place where you can keep track of deposits, withdrawal, pending withdrawal, balances, and much more.

All you need to do is sign up for free (we will never sell or pass on your details, that's just not cool) and start tracking.

MatchedBox will always be free

No catch, just free. I built this tool for my matched betting and wanted to spread the love. Oh, and I respect your privacy too. So, sign up now, what are you waiting for!